Cry Now

Directed and Written by:
Alberto Barboza

CRY NOW is a tale of passion that takes us on a journey into Los Angeles’ eclectic music and art scenes. VINCENT, a restless street artist in search for inspiration meets his muse, LUZY, a tattoo artist, at a backyard boogie. But, when SOFIA, his vengeful ex-girlfriend finds out, she uses his art against him and accuses him of criminal vandalism. With the LAPD in close pursuit, Vincent embarks on a journey where he meets LOBO, a musician, who helps him get away. While on the run, ROSARIO, a wise elder, talks to him about the importance of love and community and reveals to him what inspiration is really about. Reinvigorated, Vincent heads back to find the pulse of the city and plaster its walls with a compelling and uplifting poster campaign